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 When Milly, Michael, Jason and Jess move to a town in the middle of nowhere, the last thing they expect to find is a magic book - with its own talking bookworm called Skribble! The grumpy worm promises that "The Genie Handbook" can make them into genies in six easy steps. Soon they are diving into a world of weirdness and wonder, trouble and trickery, trying to make each other's wishes come true. But when the wishes start to go wrong the magic seems scarier. What is the secret of the mysterious couple watching from the shadows? Why is Skribble so afraid of them? And if the children's greatest wish of all is finally granted, will their world change for better or for worse?




 Michael, Molly, Jess and Jason are all more settled in their new home in Moorways Meet, but after their last adventure, they aren't finding a life without magic much fun. Then they find an old piece of paper with 'A Map For Those Who Seek Hidden Treasure' written on it - it looks as though things are going to get exciting again!

The children discover Fenella - an aging diva of a phoenix in their garden shed - who tells them she needs their help to hatch her egg. But they've only got six days to do it in and they need to collect four magical things from across the world and throughout time.

Is mysterious old Mr Magnus who keeps hanging around as harmless as Fenella says? Will the children follow the treasure map and complete their new magical quest?


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